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Plant Shed

YCON Outreach Ministries is designed with missions and compassionate ministries being at the forefront.

Our Outreach Pastor, Bryan Smith, is a fun loving and self-driven man who cares for his community deeply. He has every age group in mind as he leads with this focus of ministry. Whether it involves finding ways for kids to be picked up for children’s church, the elderly to be take care of, food to be delivered for those in need, missions trips to be organized, or whatever else, Pastor Bryan is constantly at work to reach out to those around us.

Another part of Outreach in the 21st century involves the use of technology, and specifically, social media. We want
to make sure that we present a Christ-like and positive presence on social media as we do our best to make sure people are aware of who we are and what we do. Plus, we want to clearly communicate accurate updates and information on what is going on with our church and community through the means of social media – and there are posts and updates just about every single day, so be on the look out and go find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (for our weekly sermons)!

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